Monday, January 18, 2010

My Birthday - Last year hehe

Wow it has been quiet a while since I last updated my blog.

Well, to start of, I thot of writing some simple posts and updates on my life. Well as you can see, on the left is my birthday cake, which my friends (from the office) had suprised me with.

It was a lovely cake, courtesy of 'DE HEART ONLINE KITCHEN. You can check the blog if you want to. The cupcakes and cakes made are very pretty indeed and at an affordable price. Be it with buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache or even fondant finishing, ur cake or cupcake will simply be beautiful. My cake was a vanilla choc chip )i think) with buttercream frosting.

Excuse the writings on it...that can be credited to a friend of mine who is also my junior from school, Saadah ribena, because she is very hyper active and childish. Ha, dgr tu saad....childish ok. huhuhu.... Well, anywaiz, it was a nice birthday suprise. They took me out to Pizza Hut during our lunch break and saad came with another friend bringing the cake. Then we all had a splendid lunch together.

That was when another friend who is the boss's PA, told me that my dad (the Boss) was the one who gave them the money for the whole suprise celeb. I was shocked and delighted at first, but as we move on throughout the day, some thoughts begin to crept into my head.

Its was ok to know that your father actually asked ur friends to buy u something but what's sad is that, my friend, the PA, needs to first remind my father that it was my birthday. And he even gave her money to go buy a card to be given to me. And they say its the thot that counts....well, i dunno....